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State health dept. creates policy for handling cancer clusters

CLYDE, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The state health department is working on a policy for how to handle probes of cancer clusters, including the ongoing investigation in Clyde, and it is receiving mixed messages.

Robert Jennings, a spokesman for the state health department, said Ohio has an internal policy when it comes to cancer clusters. About a year ago, they began working on the cancer cluster policy to standardize tasks for local health departments. The policy has initiated mixed responses so far.

Jennings disagreed that it meant putting more responsibility on the counties, stating the goal is to develop a broader scope of people to investigate. The Sandusky County health commissioner responded by saying, that is not what he gathered during a discussion with state officials last year. 

"I can state for a fact, knowing the budgets the way that I do in the county, that if they do that, a cancer cluster will never be studied in the state again. Maybe in the bigger counties where they're flushed with money, but, I don't know of any county, honestly, in the state, that's flushed with money that would be able to handle that kind of responsibility," said Warren Brown, who lost his daughter to cancer.

The state health department also stated they do not get involved with cancer cluster situations, unless it is requested by the county. Officials also said it is important to get more people involved in research and investigating.

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