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Family of victim found dead in Patoka Lake grieves over loss

The search for two men who fell out of their fishing boat in Patoka Lake comes to a tragic end Sunday night.

The family of one of the men says they're not only grieving their loss.  They're trying to find a way to pay for his funeral.

It's hard enough to deal with the loss of a loved one, without worrying about how to pay for that person's funeral.

However, in speaking to Matt Buroker's aunt and uncle, 14 News learned that is the situation that are facing and they would like some help from the community.

"The family is really taking it hard," says James Blanford, Buroker's uncle.

A little after 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, fishermen at Patoka Lake pulled Laben and Jacob King out of the water.

Soon after, the DNR began it's search for Ryan Dowdell of Winslow and Matt Buroker of Evansville.

"We did some bank searches, came back this morning, did bank searches again, dug a little bit, used side scan sonar, underwater camera," Joe Haywood explained of their search for the two missing Evansville natives.

Blanford says from the moment Buroker went missing, the family suspected the worst.

"I was over there I don't know how many times, trying to support them," says Blanford. "They were just so tore up."

The family's fears were confirmed with a DNR Dive Team found Buroker's body trapped beneath the sunken boat.

"He was a sweet guy and he loved to fish," says Blanford. "He was a good Christian, and he was a really good outgoing guy."

It is unknown what caused the boat to capsize, but conservation officers tell 14 News it doesn't appear drugs or alcohol was a factor.

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