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Ware's mom, former Card talk about injury

Kevin Ware Kevin Ware
Lisa Junior Lisa Junior

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The day after the injury that doctors call one of the most grisly breaks they've ever seen the national TV audience that witnessed the Louisville and Duke game is breathing a sigh of relief for Cardinal Kevin Ware. 

The two people who may best understand what Kevin Ware is going through may be his mom and the man who suffered the same injury at the University of Louisville, former Cardinal star running back and current Chicago Bear Michael Bush.

"To see something like that is something like on a movie," said Bush of the moment he saw Ware go down in pain, "It's not real you know?" 

"I was just devastated," said Lisa Junior, Ware's mother, of her initial emotion.

Both Junior in Atlanta and Bush in Chicago watched their televisions in horror as Ware went down during the win that sent Louisville back to the NCAA Final Four. Both wanted to be with Ware in Indianapolis as he was on the floor in agony from a broken leg, the bone tearing right through the skin.

"As a mom," Junior said, "We want to fix everything for our kids and the fact that I couldn't fix it, let alone be there was the issue with me."

For Bush, Ware's season-ending injury brought back all the memories and hurt that came during the 2006 season opener with Kentucky. Bush also had to have a steel rod inserted after suffering a broken right tibia.

Although the TV audience was spared the site of Bush's break, Bush's signal to his team to keep going and the reaction of teammates, fans, and the coaching staff was nearly identical to Ware's situation.

"I felt like what happened to him," said Bush, "That I was sitting right there in front of him and it brought so much emotion to me.

After seeing Ware's injury Bush said he had to gather himself. He told us he cried for at least 30 minutes.

Both Bush and Junior were thankful and pleasantly surprised to see Ware up mentally and up on crutches.

"He's doing very well and he's very positive because he's not so much focusing on what happened, but he's focusing on the recovery," said Junior.

Bush said all the support Ware is getting from all over the country is huge. He said it helped him during his recovery and that's exactly why he sent Ware a text Monday morning. Bush said of Ware told him he was already working on his recovery.

"He's ready to get back and get healthy and go forward in his life," said Bush.

"I'm proud of his bravery and I'm proud of his character that he's shown throughout it all," Junior said.

According to Bush, the great thing Ware has on his side is that he's a sophomore. Unlike Bush, who was a senior when his injury happened, that means Ware will be able to come back for the Cards. Bush told us that after his injury he just had to put his faith in God and could only hope everything would work out for his future. It did.

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