Great Streamboat Race to include new twist

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Preparations are underway for one of the longest running traditions leading up to the Kentucky Derby.

The Great Steamboat Race is scheduled for Wednesday, May 1, on the Ohio River.

The Belle of Louisville will race against the Belle of Cincinnati for the Silver Antlers and winning is not as simple as which vessel crosses the finish line first. Each boat must complete 10 tasks, including grabbing a flag off a buoy and picking up a VIP passenger along the way and the 2013 race will include a new twist.

Kentucky Derby Festival President and EO Mike Berry explained, "This is a new task, task five this year is the paddlewheel assembly. This is for the engineers among us. Uh, two crew members from each vessel will assemble a miniature paddlewheel and again, the best time gets 10 points to their final score."

Tickets are still available for rides on the Belle of Cincinnati. For more information, call the Kentucky Derby Festival at (502) 584-FEST.

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