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Pass the Cash Update: Gerri

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Gerri Gerri
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SELLERSBURG, IN (WAVE) - Dawn Scheppers braved the cold and a very busy road after he saw Dawne Gee and her Pass the Cash sign to tell her about a friend in need.

Scheppers explained her fellow church member, Gerri, was in need of the money, "She has a fixed income and she does everything she can to help others. She is like a little Mother Theresa of Sellersburg I think sometimes in a sense."

Once they found Gerri they also found she was determined to bring attention to, and take action, for people who are going hungry.

"We have some young people come and by the time they pay their rent and their utilities and put gas in their car they might just have five or ten dollars left to go to the grocery," Gerri explained.

A world wide company headquartered in Louisville was watching and cheering Gerri on in her fight against hunger. Her story not only touched them, it moved them.

They began a covert mission of compassion and they were able to give her $500 from Yum! Brands.

Yum brands donates meals, funds and personal time everyday to those in need around the world and at home. The added bonus was a little peace of mind for Gerri.

If you would like to help in the fight against hunger Dawne Gee will be collecting can goods for Dare to Care April 17 at Westport Middle School during their Can-Stand Day. You don't have to have a child that attends the school - just pull up and donate!

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