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Fight video on Facebook forces mother to KSLA


Veronica Brown was shocked to see a brutal fight on Facebook, but was even more disturbed when she learned the victim in the video was her son. She called KSLA News 12 after being unable to get answers from police and school officials.

The cell phone video shows three boys kicking and punching her son as he lies on the ground.

"You see he is not trying to fight, so why are you still hitting him and kicking him, that is what makes me mad," says Brown.

Brown says the fight happened on Monday when her son was heading home from school. Her son admits a fight started between him and another student, but says two other kids jumped in.

It didn't take long before the video was posted on Facebook with pages of hurtful comments.

The incident took place on the corner of Bird Street and West Houston Street, right across the street from Marshall Junior High School.

School officials told Brown she would need to report the incident to the Marshall Police Department, since the fight happened after school hours and off campus.

Brown says she tried to report this incident to the Marshall Police Department but was told she would not be able to.

According to Marshall Police Department Spokesperson, a report was not filed because on this day her son was "Not being forthcoming as to the events."

Brown went back to the Police to try to file a report again, this time with our cameras rolling. She walked out empty handed again, but after we KSLA News 12 started asking questions she was able to file a police report.

The Marshall Police Department is now investigating, and if the boys can be identified then Veronica Brown will be able to take legal action.

Also, a spokesperson with the police department says the video being posted on facebook does not qualify as a form of bullying, and there are no legal consequences for the student who posted the video.

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