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Louisville fans full of Cardinal pride for many reasons

Dr. James Ramsey Dr. James Ramsey
Lloyd Leavell Lloyd Leavell
Gina Johnson Gina Johnson
Signatures on the Main Line Broadcasting banners. Signatures on the Main Line Broadcasting banners.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - With both the University of Louisville's men's and women's basketball teams in the NCAA Final Four it's a good time to be a Cardinal fan. Fans are feeling good about their chances when it comes to making it to the National Championship game, but no matter what happens they couldn't be prouder of these Louisville teams.

"Right now, we're just enjoying the moment," said UofL President Dr. James Ramsey.

Whether you're the University of Louisville president, an alum or a fan, red is being worn proudly in honor of the Cardinal men and women at the Final Four. Lloyd Leavell is a longtime Louisville fan Lloyd Leavell who watched the 1980 and 1986 championships.

"It's time they had another one," said Leavell, "it's time."

There's also reason to celebrate Coach Rick Pitino, who appears to be a lock for the Hall of Fame. 

"I'm looking forward to the celebration for him because he's a great coach and we're glad to have him here in Louisville," said Gina Johnson of that possibility.

The coach, no surprise, quickly turned the pending announcement attention in Atlanta back to his team. 

"Right now," Pitino told reporters, "this is about the players, the city, the University and winning a championship."

One more cause for celebration: The inspiring attitude and sense of humor of injured guard Kevin Ware whose latest appearance was the Top Ten on David Letterman. 

In just two days, thousands of people lined up to sign two banners created by Main Line Broadcasting's Jesse Rasmussen. 

"We knew the outpouring would be crazy," said Rasmussen, "but we didn't know it would be two banners worth of crazy!"

Both banners - front and back - are jammed with well wishes for Ware.

"It was really fun because every time we would try to leave, we would start rolling it up and we would see 15 more people coming," said Jake Minton, a staffer of Main Line.

"You could clearly tell by the people that were just tracking us down to be able to sign this, because it's not just their signatures," said Main Line's Sarah Jordan, "in some cases they're like letters to him because he has put that much hope into people for this weekend and Louisville basketball."

"It's bigger than just basketball at this point with the whole incident with Kevin Ware," co-worker Keisha Nicole added, "it's about the brotherhood with the team."

Those banners are rolled up and on their way to the team hotel in Atlanta.

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