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Fans get photos, autographs with men's championship Cards team

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The plane carrying the University of Louisville men's championship basketball team touched down at Louisville International Airport around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. After a short time on the tarmac, the team boarded a bus to take them to Minardi Hall on campus, where they arrived just after 3:00 pm Tuesday. Anxious fans and students rushed to get a photo with teammates, and even offer a congratulatory hug. Others scrambled to find a marker to get their shirt signed.

"I probably won't wash it. I'm probably just going to take it off and buy me a championship shirt," said fan Shannon Struggs who got an autograph with Montrezl Harrell.

Other fans rushed to players as they got in their cars, like Final Four MVP Luke Hancock who drove off with his trophy in tow.

"It's pretty unbelievable, I'm very excited. I'm very blessed to be in this situation," Hancock said while trying to get on the road.

Peyton Siva and his teammates posed with fans, including these future basketball players.

"I feel great. It's really a blessing from God and I'm just glad we got this win," Siva said. When asked what the past 24 hours had been like, he said, "It's been crazy, but I'm just enjoying it and I just taking it in stride."

"I'm feeling great; to be able to come back to a town with the crowd still going crazy, it's just a great feeling that we can bring the national championship back here," Harrell said.

While the Cardiac Cards lived up to their name during Monday's championship game, the team never lost faith.

When asked if he thought at one point they may not be able to pull off the win, Siva said, "Nah not at all."

"Nah I knew we were going to make our runs. Michigan is known for making runs, but in the second half we kind of stopped what we were doing wrong on defense and giving up on threes and we just came out and made our run," Harrell said.

The latest issue of Sports Illustrated says it best: "Brothers, Champions."

"We've been brothers all throughout the season, you all just happened to get to see it when somebody ended up getting hurt, but we've been brothers all throughout the season," Harrell said.

WAVE 3 caught that spirit of that brotherhood, as the team danced on the tarmac right after they touched down.

Their plane was sprayed down when they landed, opening the floodgates of celebrations for the team.

Harrell, who appeared on campus wearing the net from Monday's game, said wearing it was simply, "the best feeling in the world," he said with a huge grin.

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