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Area junior golfers have eyes on Guan


For Albany junior golfers Jacob and Tyler Joiner, golf is life

"It's different every day," says 15 year old Tyler. "It's something new. it never really gets boring."

The brothers always look forward to the Masters, but are paying special attention this year thanks to the play of 14 year old Tianlang Guan.

"That's amazing to be able to be in that position," says 17 year old Jacob.  "At 14, I was dreaming of playing in the Masters."

Guan is the youngest player in Masters history, and has drawn the attention of pros and junior golfers alike.

Guan sat right on the cut line at +4 after Round 2, but made it to the weekend.

"Me and a couple other juniors were all sitting around and talking about it," Jacob remembers.  "[One player] said, 'Man, he hits it too short. He doesn't have a chance to win the Masters or play well.' For him to go out there and make the cut, that's pretty cool."

Both Jacob and Tyler have pro golf dreams, and say Guan's success this week just pushes them harder towards those goals.

"It definitely serves as motivation, because I know if he can do it, I definitely have a shot," says Tyler. "Not much makes him better than me except he can putt."

Now, as the teenaged Masters competitor takes on the weekend, the Joiner brothers will be among the millions who watch and root the young man on.

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