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Local runners witness Boston Marathon bombings

Source: Elliot Friar (WFXG) Source: Elliot Friar (WFXG)
Source: Elliot Friar (WFXG) Source: Elliot Friar (WFXG)

Michael Rogers ran the Boston Marathon for the 11th time Monday; but this time the Augusta doctor's finish ended very differently.

"How much time passed from when you passed the finish line to the bombs exploding?" asked Fox54's Mark Barber. Rogers said, "A minute or two, I went through, got my food, got my medals. Then we heard two explosions and then someone came running down the street and said run."

He says even though they just ran a marathon, they didn't have any trouble running again.

John Head, a runner from Aiken, was nearly to the finish line when the bombs went off. 

"I was about three or four blocks away from the finish line and then I heard an explosion. I looked down and saw a big pile of smoke coming up and then a few seconds later I heard a second explosion and there were some racers around and we were all looking at each other like what was that?" remembered Head.

He says that's when the panic set in.

"Definitely some panic, I wasn't sure what was going on. I felt like it was an explosion, it wasn't something like a generator blowing up," said Head.  

Boston police officials say the two bombs that exploded were planted near the finish line.

"The restaurant where we were going to eat tonight was the Atlantic Seafood Company and that's right where the bomb went off," said Rogers.

According to Fleet Feet officials, about 15 runners from the CSRA were in the Boston Marathon.

In the minutes after the bombs went off, Rogers and Head said they anxiously tried to find family members.

After they made sure their loved ones were safe, the two men took pictures of medical tents covering the finish line and ambulances stretching down the street.

Boston Police say over 100 people were injured by the bombs and 3 people, including an 8-year-old boy, were killed.

Head and Rogers say they've been told to stay in their hotel rooms for the night and they both say they're considering running again next year in spite of today's tragedy.

"You can't let these things isolate you from the world; you've got to move on," Rogers, said.

Fleet Feet officials say during their run on Monday at 6 p.m. they will raise money for the people affected by the tragedy.

They also say they've heard from most of the local runners who were in the Boston Marathon and so far they are all okay.


Previous story:

Local running groups are calling in confirming CSRA runners in Boston for the Boston Marathon today.

Two bombs went off near the finish line today around 2:50pm. We have been told by Fleet Feet in Augusta that nearly 20 people from our area were running in the race. So far, we have confirmed the following local runners are ok:

John Head of Aiken

Dr. Michael Rogers of Augusta

Barbara Rose

Again, if you have any information about friends or loved ones that were involved in this please call the WFXG Newsroom at 706.650.6262.

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