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Cards fan in Boston Marathon thankful for injury

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Tom Block (Source: Family photo) Tom Block (Source: Family photo)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Louisville resident Tom Block is a regular marathon runner who had finally qualified for his first Boston Marathon in 2013.

Block was ready to go Monday, despite the fact he said he was moving a little slower after injuring his foot while cheering on the University of Louisville men's basketball team last week.

Due to his injury, Block said at mile marker 17 the medical team pulled him from the course.

He said he was lucky because his normal finishing time is between four and four and a half hours, and at 2:45 p.m., four hours and nine minutes after Block began the race, an explosion went off near the finish line while Block was on the medical bus.

He explained, "I was probably two, two and a half blocks away. We were on the bus and the first reaction I thought was did a runner just get hit by a car? Did the bus just hit something? It was just such a loud boom. I didn't really know what happened. Then a few minutes later we heard another one and eventually it came over the radio on the bus that we had to shut the doors, no one is getting off the bus kind of thing."

Being pulled may not have benefited Block, but his wife as well, "My wife was waiting for me at the medical tent. She had been at the finish line all day right when that happened probably up to 30 or 40 minutes before when I said meet me at the medical tent instead of the finish line because I'm being bused down there."

Two people have been confirmed dead following the explosions and several others have been injured.

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