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Officials continue to monitor Derby safety plans

Fireworks during Thunder Over Louisville. Fireworks during Thunder Over Louisville.
KDF officials held a press conference Monday. KDF officials held a press conference Monday.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Monday was fairly calm in Kentuckiana, but that won't be the case in just a few weeks with events Thunder Over Louisville, the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon, the Pegasus Parade, and the Kentucky Derby.

The iconic events that always draw a crowd. Organizers say it's teamwork among many different agencies that pull it all together, according to KDF officials.

"There will be ongoing communications with the city, the state, the federal agencies who ensure that security," said Mike Berry with the Kentucky Derby Festival.

It includes a mix of officers in uniform and in plain clothes to keep a close eye out for anything out of the ordinary. The same goes for Churchill Downs, which hosted a record 165,000 people for the 2012 Derby.

"More than 40 agencies that includes federal law enforcement officials, homeland security, state police, state agencies, local agencies, they all come together and it's a huge team that works on this," John Asher with Churchill Downs said.

For more than a decade, security measures have been beefed up for both the Kentucky Oaks and Derby.

"We instituted a strong set of security procedures and policies after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and they took effect in the 2002 Derby and those have been in place since that Derby," Asher said.

Leaders will continue to review safety procedures for this year's marquee events, while also pausing to remember the people of Boston.

"It's a heart-wrenching day for the nation and I think it's natural for a lot of people to turn their eyes toward us," Asher said.

Organizers say they continue to work with local, state, and federal officials to make sure everything is safe and will continue to consult them on safety plans, but add that there are no significant changes currently planned.

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