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WAVE 3 Editorial – April 16, 2013: Crushing Confidence

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

April 15 has always been known as tax day, but from now on it will be known as the day Boston was victimized on the most special day of the year there – Patriots Day.

Just like September 11 will forever be known for the terror it reigned upon New York, Pennsylvania, and our nation's capital.

All of us as Americans are victimized by these horrendous attacks. It is a sad commentary on the worst of mankind. When an eight year old who just congratulated his dad for completing a marathon race is killed and his mom and sister maimed, it is beyond the crushing of innocence.         

Lifting us up through the madness are the countless people who heroically led the rescue efforts. We feel helpless, but pray for all affected and that this utter madness will end.

We can retreat, cower, and pull back, but that will only signal victory for the lunatics. We must continue to celebrate traditions, live openly, and persevere with precautions. That is the best way to honor those suffering.

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