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Scholarship money available for some Valley kids to attend private school


Children with disabilities, along with low-income and foster children, can apply for a scholarship through the Arizona School Choice Trust.

Tamara Cordova's 11-year-old son, Jayden, has autism. He didn't speak until he was 5 years old and was struggling in kindergarten at his public school.

Cordova said there wasn't any way she could afford the tuition to a private school. But then she found out about the Arizona School Choice Trust. Jayden applied and received a scholarship and now attends L.I.F.E Academy, which is a private school aimed at helping special needs children.

"You don't think anyone would love your son as much as you do but these people do. I can't tell you how much they care about my son," said Cordova

Businesses can donate to the Arizona Tax Credit Scholarship Program by redirecting their tax liability.

"It doesn't cost them anything. They already pay taxes in Arizona. They already have write a check to the state. Instead of sending it to the state, they can send it to Arizona School Choice Trust or another scholarship organization," said Elizabeth Dreckman, the president of Arizona School Choice Trust.

Currently there are more than 1,600 children on scholarship.

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