Bundling services can save dollars

Rosalind Tordesillas
Rosalind Tordesillas

(CONSUMER REPORTS/WAVE) - Are you paying too much for cable and internet? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Consumer Reports recently released a report showing more than half of its customers who bargained with their cable provider saved quite a bit of money.

"44 percent of those who bargained got up to $50 a month off their bill, and seven percent got an even bigger discount," said Rosalind Tordesillas, a Consumer Reports analyst.

Many companies, like Insight Cable here in Louisville, offer big savings with their Triple Play deals which include cable, internet and phone service. However, most people no longer use a landline. That means both the consumer and cable companies are having to change their strategy.

Several major providers are now allowing cell phones to replace the outdated landline. Tordesillas encourages consumers to look at all the options available.

"Don't stick with the plan you've always had," said Tordesillas. "Explore new options. Your situation changes, and you might be paying for services you don't even use all that much."

Tordesillas has another useful tip that will help you save some cash. If you fail to get what you want from the regular customer service representative, ask to speak with the customer-retention department instead. Companies would rather keep you as a customer at a lower pay rate, than lose your business all together.

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