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Getting paid to spring clean

Surfing the web can pay off, especially when you spring clean online.

"I purge clothes, electronics, anything we're not using," says mother Carly Fauth.

These days new web sites allow you to turn your trash into cash.

"A ton of different sites have popped up, to help consumers not only get rid of their unwanted stuff but help you make a little bit extra cash," explains Kyle Taylor of the

Unlike Craigslist or EBay where you have to find a buyer for stuff, many of these sites act like a middleman, paying you up front first and selling your goods later.

"So it makes it really easy because you get a cash offer right away," says Fauth.

Got a closet full of clothes your kids have outgrown? will take it off your hands and hand you cash in return.

"We send you the bag, you stuff the bag with all your outgoing stuff and you simply put it on your door and we come pick it up,' says James Reinhart the President of Thred

If your ready to redecorate, acts as a virtual showroom for your used furniture. Once it sells they send shippers to your door to take it away.

"If you're fearful of dealing with somebody on Craigslist, this cuts out that process," says Taylor.

 If you have electronics to sell, you might try Eco ATM, an actual kiosk that will take your old electronics on the spot and give you instant cash.

"Just finding a way to get rid of stuff and make money at the same time, it's just to me a great feeling," explains Fauth.

The payout you get from the sites vary.

That's why experts say shop for the best deal. Commissions may be higher than selling on Craigslist or Ebay, but less than at a consignment store.

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