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WAVE 3 Editorial - April 18, 2013: Growth Potential

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Louisville is poised for more rapid growth when the recession fades since it invested while the economy slumped.

A combination of visionary leadership and philanthropy led to projects being developed more fully, when they could have been slowed or stopped completely, as has been the case in many cities. Ultimately, the investment payoff will come when population grows. Employment opportunities and quality of life attractions help that happen.  

Next year, Louisville will have two working distilleries and within three years it may have five. In two years, the Parklands of Floyd Fork will be completed near the Valhalla Golf Course, a group of 21st century parks that already are a showplace for outdoor enthusiasts. And over the next few years, the many investments and successes by the University of Louisville will fuel enrollment growth that will potentially lead to employment growth.

Growth to the Louisville area will come first from other parts of the Commonwealth. Ultimately, young people from the surrounding region will hopefully come as well, because right now, the projection is that nearly 60% of the people in Louisville will be over 65 by the year 2040.

A vibrant community has a good cross section of age groups and there is no reason Louisville can't be as vibrant as any in the country.      

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