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People heading to West to assist victims

Despite many roads in West still being closed down, there are people from across the state waiting to help West rebuild as soon as possible.

It's not hard to tell that no one is home in the neighborhood around West Fertilizer Company.

People in homes around the blast are being evacuated.

Just feet away from the neighborhood, people are standing by to help.

"We're here delivering water and supplies to the Red Cross to help out as much as we can. Wish we could do more," said Andy Vitz, who came from Dallas to help.

"I got here as soon as I could. I was able to sneak my way back there and get into the scene; I knew some people and got it and I just wanted to get here and help," said Larry Frosch, who is here to help board up windows.

And helping is what he's still waiting to do.

"Help board up. Do what we can do. Just kind of make people whole, help them out as best we can."

Business owners just two blocks from the evacuated neighborhood are repairing their own windows. Help is not hard to find. The people of West home the help sticks around for when they're allowed back in the disaster zone. They say that's when the real work will begin.

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