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Prank video of man urinating on Ferrari is fake

Image from the prank video showing the confrontation. (Source: Youtube) Image from the prank video showing the confrontation. (Source: Youtube)
Roman Atwood (Source: Youtube) Roman Atwood (Source: Youtube)
Tom Mabe (Source: Youtube) Tom Mabe (Source: Youtube)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A prank video shot right here in Louisville went viral on the internet. Millions of hits later, it now appears the whole thing was a sham.

The minute long clip filmed in the heart of St. Matthews has been seen around the world. A guy goes ballistic after catching another man apparently urinating on the hood of his Ferrari. But the guy behind it all was trying to take his audience for a ride.

His name is Roman Atwood. He's one of those guys trying to make a name for himself by doing wild things on camera then posting the video to the internet. Atwood titled his latest stunt "Attacked by a Ferrari owner."

After Atwood pretends to urinate on the hood of a Ferrari parked in a handicapped space using a water bottle, the owner appears to lose it, physically and verbally assaulting the prankster.

"Dude it's a joke! It's a water bottle," Atwood can be heard on pleading on the video, as the supposed car owner repeatedly pushes him. "It's water. I'm not even peeing."

The other man continues to go after Atwood, making contact with him multiple times.

"Stop, stop. Dude enough," Atwood says.

"No it's not enough," the man playing the Ferrari owner yells. "I could buy your whole family!"

The video, which was filmed at a park in St. Matthews, spread like wildfire, getting more than 8 million hits in four days. The local paper even did a feature on it. But the whole thing was a fake. It turns out Atwood didn't just happen to come across that Ferrari sitting in the handicapped parking spot. He and his crew borrowed the sports car from the luxury dealer right across the street, Bluegrass Automotive.

Atwood is from Columbus, Ohio. So how did he end up down in Louisville? Someone involved in the arrangement says his friend, Louisville comedian Tom Mabe, set the whole thing up. Mabe, who also posts prank videos to the internet, is a customer of Bluegrass Automotive. Sources say they got the permission of the Ferrari's owner to use it in the video then Atwood came down for the shoot.

In an email, Atwood declined an on camera interview.

"Unfortunately I am completely tied up leaving for my world tour," Atwood said.

In the email, Atwood seemed to maintain the video's authenticity.

"I already have so many attorneys and so much press on this video of people trying to get me to press charges on this guy and any more press is not going to help the situation."

A follow up email to Atwood asking him to address allegations the video is a fake was not returned.

St. Matthews Police spokesman Dennis McDonald said his detectives are so convinced it's staged, they aren't investigating.

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