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Donating to West


In the aftermath of the West explosion, many of you may want to help, and there are things you can do.

We spoke with the Red Cross and Carter Blood Care to find out how you can help them to help the people of West.

Red Cross chapters near West have set up shelters and are providing food for those who need it, but Red Cross of East Texas has been in standby mode since the West Fertilizer Plant explosion.

"We're just not currently accepting donations specifically designated for this event, but there's always that need. Obviously there's going to be more need as we get further into this event and we'll know what those needs happen to be," said Tammy Prater, Executive Director of the East Texas Red Cross Chapters.

At Carter Blood Care in Tyler there has been a steady stream of blood donors like Rebecca Keding and Greg Buckner who came in specifically because of the tragedy in West.

"We are Americans and we are Texans so we must help every person out, brother or sister. This is the best way to do it," Greg pointed out.

"We're always in the need for more blood. It's because of consistent and dedicated blood donors that we're able to meet that need. So we just need our dedicated blood donors to come back in over the next few weeks to help keep the blood supply going. There is a need for platelets and plasma because a lot of the injuries are burn related, but that's our only need right now," Jacque Decker with Carter Blood Care said.

If you want to donate blood remember that it has a shelf life, so the best place to store it is in your body until it's needed.

To find  ways to help right now, click here.


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