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People of West overwhelmed with outpouring of support

Despite the devastation, people in the city of West say they're overwhelmed with the outpouring of support, not just from Texans, but from people across the country.

The community center has already received more food and clothing donations than they can store and those things are now being moved to local schools.

What they say they need now is more strength through everyone's thoughts and prayers.

The West Community Center is packed with those who lost everything, and those who lost nothing, but came here willing to give what they could.

"We got up first things this morning, got our supplies and came out here to start feeding hungry people because they're everywhere," said Shelly Williams with Waco Visiting Angels. "You know, everyone was dropping off waters and snacks and things like that but to actually have a cooked meal, they stated lining up."

"We're here to help in any way that we can. that's who we are. that's what we do," said Chris Gutierrez, a resident of Leroy.

Chris has spent his entire day sitting with clients who have lost their entire homes and vehicles.

Officials say they're overwhelmed with "stuff,"from people bringing clothing, water and snacks. What they need now is to hold on to hope.

"This is really bad.. but our God is bigger than this.. I don't think God caused this.. I do think He can redeem it and change it into something good. How? When? I don't know but I'm not God so I don't have to understand it,"

Thursday afternoon Pastor Jordan Crowder led the West community in prayer. It's one thing he says they can't get enough of.

"People from all over the state are calling … that means so much, just knowing that the people out there care enough to think about us and really pray for us," he said.

He estimates it'll be a few days before people are allowed behind the barricades and back into homes that they'll likely find no longer standing. It's then that the community of West will really need volunteers.

"We're really going to need help cleaning that stuff out and sorting out all the damage and the rubble and figuring out how to put our lives back together," he said.

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