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Thunder performers touch down in Louisville

The aircraft of Lima Lima Flight The aircraft of Lima Lima Flight
Mike Riordan Mike Riordan
Skip Aldous Skip Aldous
Wayne Hettinger Wayne Hettinger

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Thunder Over Louisville is shaping up. Performers from all across the nation arrived at Bowman Airport throughout Thursday. Although no in-service military aircraft will fly as a result of sequestration, the show will feature many vintage military planes.

"You'll see 12 planes at one time in that airbox," siad Mike Riordan, the Air Boss for Thunder. "It's going to be a very good show this year we don't have the military people because of the sequestration but we've got a lot of really good civilian acts."

Some returning acts are the Lima Lima Flight team and the Trojan Horseman. Skip Aldous of Lima Lima said they have new material this year.

"We will do a lot of head-on passes and upside down flying," said Aldous.

Thunder of Louisville producer Wayne Hettinger said there are 52 tons of fireworks being sued in this year's show. Hettinger also said the spots once reserved for military aircraft are being filled with more aerobatic performers instead.

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