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Police chase leads to accident with parked cars

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A suspect sent Toledo Police on a chase, which caused one police cruiser to barrel into – and wreck – a pair of parked cars in West Toledo. Now at least one owner is stuck footing the bill.

Ron Hyatt says he got a call from his niece early Monday, saying his car was wrecked because police ran into it. When he tried to get help with the repairs from the city, he says they told him the bill was on him because they have immunity when responding to emergency calls.

TPD says they were in the middle of a routine traffic stop on Wyndhurst and Greenway, when the suspect, Anthony Triplett, took off in his car. Police followed with the help of an additional unit.

One of the cruisers lost control going over a speed bump, and hit the parked cars.

"Accidents happen," Hyatt said. "In most cases, there should be a limit to liability. But I think they should at least reimburse, or do something for the people that suffer a loss at their hands."

Hyatt says his car was impounded by the police, and he can either pay to have it towed, or let them take possession of it. He says he will probably choose the latter, because it will cost him less.

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