Kevin Ware says he'll be ready to go in 2013-14

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Kevin Ware has enjoyed his time out of the spotlight. The UofL guard joined his  teammates at the school's All-Sports Banquet on Monday night in the South Wing of the Fair and Exposition Center.

"It's been real crazy, I kind of got adjusted to it, but I'm kind of glad that everything has settled back down," Ware said. "I don't really like all the lights and the cameras and everything, but I really did enjoy it."

As for his injured leg, "I got some of the stitches taken out today actually. I'm able to put pressure on it a lot more. About three months I'll be doing swimming exercises and all that. I'll be good in six months, definitely," Ware added.

Ware says his focus is on being on the court next season. "That's why I'll be here all summer doing rehab. There is nothing outside of my family more important than basketball to me. I want to be on the court when the ball goes up next year."

He says he has no doubt that he'll be ready to play in 2013-14, and that it really just comes down  to him having the confidence to get back out there.

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