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Animal Control patrols Jackson Zoo following fatal attack

The Jackson Zoo has one other klipspringer named Amelia. (Source: Jackson Zoo) The Jackson Zoo has one other klipspringer named Amelia. (Source: Jackson Zoo)
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson Animal Control officers are patrolling the outside of the Jackson Zoo Thursday morning in hopes of finding where a dog got in and killed a zoo animal earlier this week.  

Officers say they're also looking for packs of dogs in the adjacent cemetery and neighborhoods to the zoo, according to Officer Colendula Green with the Jackson Police Department.

A male klipspringer was attacked and killed by feral dogs at the zoo early Tuesday morning. The klipspringer is in the antelope family and only grows to about 22 inches tall.

Security officers are on the grounds at all times, but around 3 or 4 a.m. Tuesday they heard commotion coming from the African Savannah Exhibit.

"They go through the park 24 hours a day to check and make sure that nothing happens but obviously it's a 110 acre park and you have to cover the whole thing every night," said Angela Shepard, Jackson Zoo Director of Development and PR.

When the two staff members got there, they saw three dogs. They captured one, but the other two ran away. It was too late to save the klipspringer's life.

The zoo hasn't been able to determine how the dog's got into the zoo.

"We have had our security team and our maintenance team check all of our perimeter fencing. We have not found any breaches so far. Our best guess would be that they dug under a section of fence from the cemetery area," said Shepard.

The other animals in the exhibit, including a female klipspringer named Amelia, were all unharmed in the attack.

"It's a neighborhood problem. These dogs came in with no identification, no tags, no nothing. And it's obvious that they were not well taken care of. And we hate that for the dogs as well because they should have owners that take care of them," Shepard explained.

The zoo has had similar problems in the past with other animals that were killed by packs of stray dogs.

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