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Fest-a-Ville and Chow Wagon open

Some of the food stands at Fest-A-Ville. Some of the food stands at Fest-A-Ville.
A tray of fresh, hot cinnamon rolls at The Cinnamon Station booth. A tray of fresh, hot cinnamon rolls at The Cinnamon Station booth.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The rides are up and the food is cooking at the Chow Wagon and Kroger's Fest-a-Ville. They opened Thursday and with rides, games, daily concerts and more they're calling it the ultimate entertainment experience. You just need a Pegasus pin and you're in.

"There's two stages on the Chow Wagon side," said David Nett with Fest-a-Ville, "there's local entertainment every day, all day every day and then on the great stage we bring in national and regional acts for some great music."

There's also a Zumba fitness experience, cornhole tournaments, beer gardens and happy tails for your pets. Of course one of the main draws is all the good food.

"A lot of people will be here today," said Bob Hickley with Rob's Rib Shot. "A lot of folks will be here trying all the food; we invite all of them to try at least one of the products at rib shots."

Nancy Connors and her husband started up The Cinnamon Station with delicious cinnamon rolls the size of a child's head. She says they worked hard on making the recipe perfect.

"These are all made from scratch right here," said Connors. "We took about two years developing this recipe and getting it to be exactly the way we wanted it to feel when the fork went into it, and exactly the gooey sticky factor we wanted."

Connors is also excited about their mini doughnut maker which turns out 1,200 doughnuts an hour.

"It's a nice addition because a lot of times mom and dad want a cinnamon roll but the little kids want the doughnuts, people want something to share so they can get this," said Connors.

Fest-a-Ville and Chow Wagon opened Thursday and will stay, filled with events, until Derby Eve.

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