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Fido unwelcome on Big Four Bridge

A banner across the Big Four Bridge states owners must pick up after their pets. A banner across the Big Four Bridge states owners must pick up after their pets.
Todd Pearl Todd Pearl
David Karem's dog. David Karem's dog.
David Karem David Karem

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - "It was a hard decision," said Waterfront Development President David Karem. Karem, a dog-owner, said he loves dogs.

But Karem also said the Waterfront Development's decision to ban pets from the Big Four Bridge was inevitable.

Despite a highly-visible sign and a March 24 Responsible Rally for Rover clean-up campaign, some people still were not picking up after their pets. Karem's crew counted at least twenty piles on the pedestrian walkway in one weekend alone. Some pedestrians said they had close calls with the droppings, "Well I'm glad of it because we almost stepped in it two or three times," said pedestrian Todd Pearl.

Pedestrians were able to move across the bridge for the first time without the worry of stepping in dog feces on Thursday. Karem said before the ban bikers were riding through piles and people were stepping in them, including small children. Crews had to powerwash the bridge twice each day. 

The ban on dogs was put into effect immediately although some signs still read "Fido can join you on a leash." A board spokesman said the signs will be updated as soon as possible. Service animals are welcome on the bridge. Enforcement of the ban will be left up to Louisville Metro Police Department. 

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