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Rick Pitino gets his National Championship tattoo

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - UofL head coach Rick Pitino promised his team he's get a tattoo if they won the National Championship, and on Friday he delivered.

"What I wanted obviously is the record, NCAA Champs, more important for me, afterwards, when I went in the trainer's room, I said the to guys, this has to stop, you guys with all these sayings all over your body, all the tattoos all over your body, it has to stop, and it was right after I gave them, let's win 7 in a row, don't cut the down the nets going into the Garden, gave them the whole thing, and they said, "If we do everything you said in that room, will you get a tattoo?" I said, I just gave you a speech, you guys got to stop with all these things, and they said will you do it coach? And I said, if you can do that, I'll get one, never expecting this moment," Pitino said on Friday at Tattoo Salvation.

He chose tattoo artist Adam Potts, after Potts wrote him a letter. Potts is a long time UofL fan, and did not charge Pitino for the work. The Cards coach wrote a check to an autism charity in exchange.

The tattoo that Pitino chose is of an old English "L" with 2013 NCAA Champs and the Cards 35-5 record.

He said it wasn't all that painful, nothing compared to kidney stones, and when I asked him if he'd get another one if Goldencents wins the Kentucky Derby, he replied, " No I will not, if we win another championship I certainly will consider it."

Goldencents, the Santa Anita Derby champ, of which Pitino is a 5% owner, is scheduled to arrive at Churchill Downs on Saturday.

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