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26 eight year-olds run 1 mile each to raise money for bombing victim

The big event this weekend in Toledo is the Glass City Marathon.

But on Saturday, there was a smaller race for kids.

It was called "Team Eight" and took place at the University of Toledo Glass Bowl.

"Team Eight" is a group of 26 eight year olds who each ran a one mile lap around the Glass Bowl.

It was held in memory of eight year old Martin Richard who was killed during the Boston Marathon bombings.

"I think it sends out the message we won't back down. Going to come back and be stronger, finish it, do it. Who better to push that message than little kids," said parent Veronica Mora.

Here's the math.

26 kids ran one mile each.

That means they collectively ran a marathon.

"This is an honor and tiring too," said Celina Mora.

"I do a lot of cross country running, soccer and sports," added Casey Baumhower.

"Team Eight" was organized by Jeremy Baumhower, who says the event is a symbol of support and unity to Martin's family and the city of Boston from the city of Toledo.

He's a father of four who was touched by the story of Martin.

"I wanted to remind the world and everybody in our country how much of a heart Toledo has. Sometimes we're worried about the smaller things here. Nobody remembers how big a heart Toledo has," said Mr. Baumhower.

Mr. Baumhower says $1,000 was raised and will be sent to Martin's family in Boston.

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