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Inside look into Jim Beam innovation

CLERMONT, KY (WAVE) - Jim Beam is the world's number one selling bourbon and two-thirds of all of those spirits come from, right here in Kentucky.

Beam invested $30 million in a Jim Beam "American Stillhouse experience" for visitors and a Global Innovation Center for employees.

Beam employs 3,400 people worldwide, with 875 of those employees in Kentucky. Company officials said the Innovation Center is the secret ingredient, the hub of more than one-quarter of Beam Inc.'s growth. 

The innovation center is headquarters for brainstorming up-and-coming spirits and flavors like Jacob's Ghost, Pinnacle vodka and Skinny Girl cocktails. The multi-million dollar facility makes it easy for employees from market, packing, research to collaborate on creative new drinks.

It houses scientists, engineers, analytical chemists and others who help create the products you see on liquor-store shelves. The center of the space features a liquor store facade and a bar, both breeding grounds for creative collaboratives. 

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