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Driver arrested after slamming into house

Shawna Fields (Source: Clark County Jail) Shawna Fields (Source: Clark County Jail)
Posey Cabell Posey Cabell
Cabell's home Cabell's home
Damage to the home caused by the car. Damage to the home caused by the car.

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – A Jeffersonville man was watching TV when a car slammed into his house. 

"It really was a scary thing," said Posey Cabell, homeowner. 

For more than 40 years, Cabell has lived on River Woods Drive, but an ordinary Sunday night around 12 a.m. was interrupted in an instant.
"It was like an explosion, that's what it sounded like," said Cabell. 

What Cabell didn't know is that a black Nissan veered off the road and crashed into his house in the exact spot where he was sitting right on the other side.

"I got up and looked out the window and there was a car sitting in front of my window," said Cabell. 

As Cabell called police, the car was backing up. Several doors down and on the other side of the street, Kevin Baggerly was sleeping. 

"I got woke up by a tremendous shaking of the house and I come outside and said what's going on," said Baggerly. 

When he realized the driver had left, he started canvassing the neighborhood. "I'm just the one that drove down and found out where they all went," said Baggerly. 

It didn't take Indiana State Police long to find the car with major front end damage. It was just a few streets over. Investigators arrested the alleged driver, Shawna fields, 30. They say her blood alcohol content was over .15 percent.

Not only is she charged with OWI and leaving the scene, investigators say the reason she went off the road is because she was in a fist fight with her passenger. Fields is also charged with battery for punching the other woman.
While Cabell said he knows his house can be fixed, he is glad nobody was seriously hurt. "Hopefully they will be alright and she gets whatever she needs," said Cabell. 

Fields was booked into the Clark County Jail. As for Cabell, he is waiting to hear from his insurance company to see what kind of damage was done. 

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