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LifeAlert scam targeting seniors


A major scam has been targeting area seniors regarding LifeAlert equipment.  

A person posing as a representative of LifeAlert has been calling senior citizens in Butler County claiming they have been pre-approved by Medicare for free LifeAlert Equipment.  The representative instructs the person they are calling to press 1 to continue or 5 to Opt-out.  If the person receiving the call tries to ask more questions about LifeAlert, the caller becomes more aggressive and demanding about pressing the option buttons. 

A call to the number reported by one potential victim was answered by a man with a foreign accent who told us that every elderly person in Ohio had been pre-approved and they were making arrangements to deliver their equipment.  After several minutes, we learned that accepting the equipment also locked the recipient into a monthly contract for an undetermined period of time at a cost of $34.95 per month. 

When asked for a website, the scammers gave a phony web address. LifeAlert complaints have been reported to the Ohio Attorney General's Office.

A Life Alert spokesperson says Life Alert does not employ telemarketers or make cold calls.

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