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OJ Simpson hopes for retrial in Vegas robbery case

O.J. Simpson listens to testimony during a hearing in Las Vegas. (May 13, 2013/FOX5) O.J. Simpson listens to testimony during a hearing in Las Vegas. (May 13, 2013/FOX5)

O.J. Simpson is back in Clark County District Court this week as part of an appeal for a new trial in his Las Vegas robbery and kidnapping case.

Simpson was convicted of the charges in 2008. He was sentenced to between nine and 33 years in state prison.

The hearing began at the Regional Justice Center at 9 a.m. Monday. Simpson's family entered the courtroom before the former pro football player.

FOX5's Matt DeLucia reported the first witness to take the stand was a psychologist who explained tunnel vision to the court. The doctor was followed by James Barnett, who hired Simpson for motivational speaking and who Simpson stayed with during the 2008 trial.

DeLucia reported that Brent Bryson, who represented Simpson's co-defendant, C.J. Stewart, during the 2008 trial, took the stand. He said Bryson testified the audio tape used during the original trial was untrustworthy and Simpson's attorney should have objected to its use during the original trial.

"Without those tapes, there was no evidence of any type of conspiracy, no evidence as to who did what, who said what," Bryson said.

Arnelle Simpson, O.J. Simpson's daughter, took the stand just before a recess about 11:30 a.m.

New attorneys for the embattled former NFL star are trying to prove O.J. Simpson was poorly represented in his 2008 trial connected to a robbery of memorabilia dealers at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino. O.J. Simpson maintained during the original trial he was retrieving personal items that had been stolen from him.

FOX5 Legal Analyst Bob Massi said O.J. Simpson is expected to speak on his behalf Wednesday, possibly as early as Tuesday. He said the case will boil down to credibility.

"This judge will have to hear this evidence, and based on the preponderance of evidence, by the way this is not a reasonable doubt issue ...," Massi said, "he or she will decide what will happen to this conviction."

The graying, 65-year-old former pro football player needed help getting out of his chair following the conclusion of Monday's hearing, letting out an audible "ouch" as he limped from the courtroom.

A decision may not be immediately made by the time this week's proceedings end, The Associated Press reported.

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