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Kentucky is ranked one of the most stressed states

Ali Gheytanchi Ali Gheytanchi
Jessica White Jessica White
Kentucky ranked number 3. Kentucky ranked number 3.
Carrie Peterson Carrie Peterson
Dr. Allen Josephson Dr. Allen Josephson

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Kentucky has made it to the top of a list once again but, this list isn't a good one. A new Gallup poll randomly asked 350,000 Americans over 2012 whether they were stressed, Kentuckians were ranked number 3 when it comes to most stressed states.

The most-stressed states were, in order, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Utah, and Massachusetts. Indiana ranked number 10.

What stresses everyone is different.

"Work, kids, family," said Ali Gheytanchi.

"The economy and school," said Jessica White.

"My children stress me out," said Carrie Peterson.

Hawaii ranked number one of the least stressed states. The states that experienced the least enjoyment were Rhode Island, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, and West Virginia. According to the Gallup Poll, 40% of American adults consistently report experiencing a lot of stress. We know that stress can take its toll on your health.

"Things like heart disease, hypertension, bowl disorders lot of things relate to stress," said University of Louisville Psychiatrist Dr. Allen Josephson.

Whether you look at the glass half empty or half full, it's important for you to find a way to not let life get the best of you.

"Sometime I just pray and ask God to relieve the stress and kind of guide my steps," said Shyneen Dyson.

To view the poll click here.

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