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Fatal house fire leaves several dogs without a home

Smokey Smokey
Refa Rose Refa Rose

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – A fatal fire in Henryville left more than ten dogs homeless, prompting a local shelter to jump in and help even though they are already over populated.

At J. B Ogle Animal Shelter in Jeffersonville, the dogs are now the top priority. 

Arnold Roberts, 73, died Monday morning after his Henryville home caught fire. He was a Navy veteran, who loved to serve his country.

After he retired he loved to take care of his dogs. "I told him, I said you out to take them dogs to the pound, you've got too many," said Refa Rose, Arnold's sister. "He said they've got such sad eyes."

Roberts died when fire destroyed his home. Now what's left are a dozen or more Spitz mixes. The animal shelter in Jeffersonville got the call to help. 

"Animal control is going out there multiple times a day and continuing to try and trap and bring the dogs in," said Tonya Ellis, J. B. Ogle Animal Shelter interim director. "They're scared."

The dogs were rescued and brought to the shelter to be cared for, some of them treated for smoke related injuries.

"They've been through a trauma and they are very scared," said Ellis. "We haven't had any aggression or anything, it's just going to take some time to evaluate each one of them individually and give them the medical attention they need."

Recovering well is a 6-year-old dog nick named "Smokey." Ellis said all of the dogs were well fed and healthy. 

Now it's just a matter of making sure they are cared for. "That's what we want to do is get them all out of the shelter and into a forever home," said Ellis. 

Smokey will most likely be available for adoption sometime next week. For more information on adoption click here

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