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Enlist neighbors if delivery must be made while you're away


A Scottsdale woman thought she had everything set for a home delivery while she was away. Things didn't go as planned and she ended up getting robbed of thousands of dollars in jewelry.

If you're going away on a trip, and something must be delivered while you're gone, you have options. But letting unknown delivery people near your home when you're not there, shouldn't be one of them.

"Oh my God, it was the delivery people," Susan Candelaria said.

Candelaria says the delivery people were coming from California with a mirror she bought there. CV Pickup and Delivery Service claimed they could only deliver in Arizona that coming weekend. Candelaria would be out of town but she made specific arrangements for CV to deliver anyway.

"I explicitly told them, 'put it in the casita, the main house will be locked up, you're not to enter the main house'," Candelaria said.

When Candelaria returned home, she says she looked in the casita but the mirror wasn't there. She found it inside the main house, leaning against a wall near her bedroom. Candelaria says she got a sickening feeling because that's where she kept all her jewelry.

"When I came in, both of the inserts of my jewelry drawers were taken out and they were sitting on the floor, completely empty," Candelaria said.

Nothing else was touched, but all her jewelry was gone. Candelaria found the thieve's point of entry and felt it had to be the delivery people. She says CV, at first, assured her they had delivered to the casita, then, they changed their story.

"'We found a door unlocked so we went ahead and delivered it inside the house' but we had locked up the entire house before we left," Candelaria said.

The house was locked, but Candelaria says she did forget to activate the security alarm.  It's an expensive lesson, but Candelaria now realizes the best option for any delivery when you're not at home, is to enlist your neighbors.

"Let's meet, because if you're out of town, I would love to be that person that can help watch your house or accept a delivery on your behalf," Candelaria said.

You can also have the item delivered to your work, that's another good option.

A representative for CV Pickup and Delivery Service told CBS 5 News that their delivery people put the mirror inside the house, not the casita, because that's where Candelaria instructed them to put it - and the door was open. CV Pickup and Delivery Service denies any involvement in the alleged robbery.

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