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Last minute Derby shoppers in fashion frenzy

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Some ladies are making a mad dash to get the hats, fascinators and the perfect party outfit for the Derby.

Employees at Dee's Crafts, located in St. Matthews, have been helping decorate and design hats for 25 years. Owner Kathy Olliges said the staff at Dee's is well prepared, "We're used to it." She said, "We've done this for 25 years so we now it's going to be the busiest day of the year and we're prepared for that." Olliges said orders for Oaks are currently being filled. The sign-up sheet for custom-made Derby hat orders is almost closed.

Some last minute shoppers said they did not procrastinate, they simply are not from Kentucky and wanted to buy their hats in Louisville. Meredith Heine, who lives in Indianapolis, said, "I'm on an adventure because I'm not really sure what to expect, I'm not really sure what the hats are supposed to look like. I just heard big is better. We were told lots of flowers and anything we can do to dress it up."

Debbie Russell owns the Crush on Derby Boutique. She said as time goes on, the pickings get slimmer. "Don't wait too long, we're quickly running out of things." She said, "I think everybody else too especially with the clutch rule, the purse rule of 12x12." The restriction on purse size and the forecast has forced some ladies to go back into stores after they thought they were done shopping.

Alenni Alldarffer said she has a dress but the weather is making her reconsider. "They say the weather is going to be like rain and something that I have is white, so if it's going to be rain I don't want to show my body," she said. 

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