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Dancing pig greets marathon runners at CVG


A welcome sign and a dancing pig is what hundreds of runners saw Friday when they arrived at the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) for the Flying Pig Marathon.

"That's just great that there are marathon volunteers out here at the airport welcoming people when they fly in," Rick Luther a runner from Minnesota.

This year's Flying Pig Marathon features runners from all 50 states and 16 countries. For some runners it's their first time to the "City of Seven Hills".

"I'd really like a ride up the hills during the course," said Luther. 

For other runners the Flying Pig Marathon is an opportunity to come back home and see family.

"Trying to get my brother, sister and I all back together here because we all grew up in this area and we're all over the country," said Sharon Blodgett, a runner from Washington. "So we are trying to do this as some what of a tradition."

Just three weeks removed from the Boston bombings all run participants received an email from organizers of the race, reassuring them security for the race is the top priority.

"We did receive an email and I expected that. I think every marathon is sending those emails out to their participants but I don't think there is anything to worry about," said Luther.

"They have a lot of people that they are looking out for so it was good that they jumped on it right away instead of procrastinating and I appreciate that," said Blodgett.

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