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Baby and 2 adults die in house fire

Jerry "Bub" Poole Jerry "Bub" Poole
Megan Overton-Poole Megan Overton-Poole

LEITCHFIELD, KY (WAVE) – A fire engulfed a mobile home with seven people inside. Three of them didn't make it out alive, including a one-year-old baby.

It happened Sunday night on VanMeter Lane, just outside of Leitchfield. Jerry "Bub" Poole, 18, was there visiting with his mother, Megan Overton-Poole.

"I wasn't worried about myself, I was just worried about getting everybody else out," said Poole, who received 15 stitches on his wrist after he busted out a window.  

Overton-Poole was there with her boyfriend, Kalvin King. They were visiting the homeowners, Eddie and Shauna Clouse, and their two young children. Aydan and Cole.  

"The last thing I remember is Shauna was in there cooking and a kid got hurt and I guess she went and checked on him and I guess she forgot about cooking and fell asleep," said Poole.

Just before 11 p.m., Poole said he woke up to the sound of smoke detectors. That's when he grabbed his mother, who was closest to him, and pulled her out of the burning home. Overton-Poole then watched her son go back in.

"He goes in and gets little Aydan and brings Aydan out to me and the next thing I know he is going in to get Shauna," said Overton-Poole. "He tried his best to get Eddie, but Eddie wouldn't leave without Cole and then he was going to try to get Kalvin, but he couldn't get Kalvin, it was too late. The ceiling had done started falling on Kalvin."

Eddie Clouse, Kalvin King, and Cole, who would have turned 2 next month, all passed away. It's something that is weighing heavily on Poole.

"I tried my best to get everybody out and I failed," said Poole.

But that's not the way his mother sees it.

"Without Bubby being here, I don't think any of us would have been out," said Overton-Poole. "I don't think any of us would have made it out."

Shauna Clouse was taken to the hospital, but is expected to be ok.

Deputy State Fire Marshal Chris Crawford said he believes the fire was accidental. Crawford hasn't said for sure how it started or where, but investigators will be back on scene on Tuesday.

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