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William Clyde Gibson trial pushed back again

William Clyde Gibson (Source: Floyd County Jail) William Clyde Gibson (Source: Floyd County Jail)
Police arrested Gibson on April 24. Police arrested Gibson on April 24.
Mike Whitis Mike Whitis
Christine Whitis (Source: Family photo) Christine Whitis (Source: Family photo)

FLOYD COUNTY, IN (WAVE) – Suspected serial killer William Clyde Gibson's trial in the 2012 killing of Christine Whitis has been pushed back yet again. A third continuance was granted to the defense on Tuesday.

After hearing arguments from both the state and the defense, which asked for the continuance, Judge Susan Orth granted the defense more time. Orth said the due process needs to be even more diligent in cases like this one in which the death penalty is possible in order to reduce opportunities for error and prevent appeals. Orth said she knows her decision is hard for the victims right now but that the result will be worth it.

The judge's decision disappointed Mike Whitis, the victim's son but he said he ultimately agreed with it. "I want [Gibson] to have a fair trial," Whitis said. "I don't want this case to have any chance that it will be overturned on some sort of technicality. Once we're done, I want to be completely done."

Whitis said the delays keep his family in limbo, and his mother is all he thinks about all the time. "I think about this every hour. Everything in my life relates back to my mother, and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about her, talk to her," Whitis said.

"It's a tough thing for them. It's a roller coaster ride," said Chief Deputy Prosecutor Steve Owen. "They have a lot of emotions that they're trying to deal with. They're looking to the criminal justice system to buy them some sort of comfort."

Jury selection now begins on September 23. Gibson will have two more trials – one for the murder of Stephanie Kirk, the other for Karen Hodella's homicide.

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