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Customer says BDry couldn't keep basement dry, wants money back

UNDERWOOD, INDIANA (WAVE) - It was supposed to be her first step to stardom. A waterproof basement and a sound studio to chase her musical dreams. Now, a young woman is fighting to get her money back because she says a trusted name, didn't get the job done.

Brooke Hall's home in Underwood, Indiana used to belong to her grandparents. Now Hall is putting her own mark on it. Guitars on the wall, drums in the corner....and a mess in the basement.

"This is where the problems are," Brooke said.

Her problems are with BDry Systems of Louisville. Hall hired BDry to waterproof her basement so she could turn it into a recording studio. The project wasn't cheap.

"I spent over $8,000," Hall said. "I'm still in square one."

Hall said the basement still leaks. The drain BDry filled in is cracking and the ledge she paid them to install, is not four inches by four inches as agreed to in her contract.

Hall has been fighting with BDry for more than a year to get them to honor their warrantee and fix the problems.

BDry owner Steve Rivette said his company made multiple attempts to correct the work. Workers hammered a hole in her wall to check the source of the flooding and caulked over rivets to keep them from leaking.

Citing the company's A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and the desire to do the right thing, Rivette eventually said he would refund Hall's money in an email. He has since withdrawn that offer, in a letter to the BBB responding to Hall's complaints.

"So now he's changing his tune and I don't really understand that," Hall said.

Rivette called the deviation in the width of the ledge "slight" and renewed his offer to address the leaking, but only in sections where Hall could prove there was a problem.

Rivette said he remains willing to find a fair compromise but Hall said she wants a totally redone project or a total refund. Otherwise, she'll take it to court.

Rivette said at this point, a courtroom is probably the only place they're going to be able to resolve their differences.

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