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Should you dress up your pet?

Lots of people like to doll up their dogs with all kinds of bling. And the clothes can be pretty eye-popping! It sure looks like fun, but is it really all that good for the dog? Our pet pro, Luciano Aguilar, explores the world of canine couture.

Dog clothes are cute, but chances are they're more fun for us to look at then they are for the dog to wear. 
Aguilar says, "Some dogs will accept the clothing over time, while others may not. And they might reject the clothes simply because it makes them too hot."

Dogs have an internal body temperature of 101 degrees. So if you do outfit your dog, make sure they don't overheat.

"Your dog grows an undercoat to keep him warm in the winter and then sheds it to keep cool in the summer. So that cute sweater is more for show than for snow," says Aguilar.

But getting practical with canine couture might not be a bad thing.

"If you live somewhere with cold weather, some dogs might appreciate a jacket to wear when they go outside to do their business," says Aguilar. "For wet weather, some people buy their dogs raincoats and booties to keep them dry. And it will also help keep your carpet and furniture dry, too!"

Luciano says that he doesn't dress up his own dogs because he believes they were born with the only coat they need, but if you're into doggie duds, have fun with it - just make sure they're safe and comfortable for your dog to wear.  

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