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Women knit with plastic shopping bags

Cold nights can be uncomfortable enough in a warm home. But what if you were homeless?

Some ladies who are making a difference had that same concern.

They could be members of a women's knitting circle, but they aren't. One member admits, "Most of us are not crocheters."

But they are all good learners, and willing to try something different to help out. The Baptist Women's Group at Alta Woods Baptist Church in Jackson, Miss. is crocheting sleeping mats that will be given to the homeless shelters to be distributed to people needing an extra layer of protection.

The most unusual aspect of this project is not the fact that non-knitters are knitting, but what they are knitting with.

They make their own yarn for these mats from plastic shopping bags - A lot of plastic shopping bags, according to Deloris Renfrow.

"These mats use between 550 and 700 grocery bags to make one," said Renfrow.

And it isn't something you can just sit down and knock out in an afternoon, either. The website where the group got their directions says count on it taking about 35 hours per mat. And that's after you've climbed the learning curve.

Many more hours have gone into every one of these.

"When you get them, then you have to smooth them out, fold then and then cut them in two-and-a-half inch strips," added Renfrow. "Then you just take the strips and loop them together to make your yarn."

Once they're finished, they are donated to organizations like Gateway Rescue Mission, which gladly takes such items and distributes them to people who need a layer of protection between them and the cold.

And with these mats, whoever gets them gets an extra layer of something else, too.

"I think there is a lot of love," said Renfrow. "And I pray for the person that will receive mine that they will feel that they are loved by God."

It is a project that spreads a lot of warmth on a cold night, and keeps this group a little more tightly knit together as they are making a difference.

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