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Louisville benefit planned for marathon bombing survivor

Rebekah Gregory Rebekah Gregory
Leslie Lowry Leslie Lowry
Ashley Trzaskus Ashley Trzaskus

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - No matter where you go, once you've lived in Louisville it never really leaves you. Rebekah Gregory is finding that out. The Eastern High School graduate was ten feet from the finish line when the Boston Marathon was bombed. Now her high school friends are pulling together, to pull her through.

"It replays in my mind almost every single day," Gregory said.

She is stuck in a Boston hospital, still trying to recover from her injuries suffered in the bombing.

"I just have these huge holes in my leg and it looks honestly like somebody tried to eat me for lunch," Gregory said.

She has a gash from ankle to thigh in her right leg, broken bones in her left hand and a severely injured left leg: a broken tibia and fibula, broken ankle and foot, bones removed as well.

"One blood vessel is keeping it alive right now and they basically told me you know just because I have my leg today doesn't mean I'm going to have it tomorrow," Gregory said.

What she will always have are friends for life.

"We just wanted to help her any way we could," said her high school friend Leslie Lowry.

Lowry and Ashley Trzaskus went to Louisville's Eastern High School with Rebekah almost a decade ago.

"Your lives do split apart but regardless, she was still a good friend back then and we're happy to do anything we can for her and her family," Trzaskus said.

They've kept in touch online through the years and through Rebekah's move last year to Texas. When they heard their friend was injured, they started making plans.

"It started really small and now it's turned big," Trzaskus said. "I think we're going to have standing room only."

This weekend, Rebekah's friends will host a benefit for her. It will include kids activities, a cake walk, a band, and an auction, all to help Rebekah and her family as she recovers.

"Just the cost of her mom having to stay in Boston. It's been almost a month already, she's been there from day one," Trzaskus said. "(Rebekah has) still got bills to pay, she's not working so any money that we raise, everything is going to go to her and her family... I would love to raise $5,000 and I think that's a reasonable goal and I think that Louisville can come together and I think we can do that."

"We just want Bekah to know that she's got her Louisville friends here to support her and pray for her and just love her," Lowry said.

Rebekah says that is what's truly priceless.

"All the prayers and the support, the love is really what's getting me through these days," she said.

This weekend's benefit is at Brownie's the Shed behind PF Changs on Shelbyville Road where it meets up with Hurstbourne Parkway. It's Saturday from 4 p.m. to midnight.

If you'd like to help but you can't make it, click here.

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