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Former Hoosier, Abell Talks About Transfer

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(Louisville, Ky.) When Remy Abell announced his decision to leave IU, it caught most Hoosiers by surprise, including head coach, Tom Crean. "He definitely was down. No coach likes to lose a player, but he's a great coach and he's done a lot for me," said Abell.

The Former Eastern High School Star didn't see much time as a freshman at IU, but saw plenty of action as a sophomore, scoring four points per game in just over 12 minutes of action, leading the team in three point percentage, but after two years, he felt it was time for a change of scenery. "I just felt like I needed to go somewhere different. You know, fresh start. Felt like at the end of the day, that was what was going to make me happy, and that was the decision I made. But yeah, playing time, and some other things in there," commented Abell.

Since announcing his decision to transfer, Abell says it's like his high school recruitment all over again. He has narrowed his choices down to Xavier, St. Louis, and Saint Mary's.

"St. Mary's is way out in California, west coast. They're in the same conference as Gonzaga and some more other teams. I don't think anybody really wants me to go that far, but we'll see how that goes."





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