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Floral business blooms thanks to Mother's Day

Patty Isaacs Patty Isaacs
Tabitha Kaiser Tabitha Kaiser
Diane Littlefield Diane Littlefield

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – As the clock ticks down to Mother's Day, business is in full bloom at area flower shops.

"We go from twenty, thirty orders a day on an average day, to two, three, sometimes four hundred orders you know in a course of a couple days," said Patty Isaacs.

Isaacs owns A Touch of Elegance Florist at 12123 Shelbyville Road in Louisville. Her crew has been working around the clock to fill orders for Mother's Day.

"It's nonstop," said Isaacs. "You get up early, and you stay really late - if you get to go home."

"There's been times where we've left at three o' clock in the morning and come right back in at five thirty," said shop manager Tabitha Kaiser.

Kaiser manages the shop where Mother's Day is the second busiest holiday next to Valentine's.

To help meet demand, the shop brings on extra help, including volunteer drivers.

"Patty is a dear friend of mine," said Diane Littlefield, "Ever since she bought this shop, I've been volunteering driving. So I get to deliver all the flowers."

Isaacs said it's that teamwork, mixed with long hours of hard work and little sleep that create a recipe for success each year.

"We have really awesome customers," said Isaacs. "I have the best staff in the world."

Staff encourage before buying flowers, customers research the favorite color, if not flower, of the person he or she is purchasing for.

In addition to Mother's Day orders, staff at A Touch of Elegance Florist is also currently preparing prom, funeral, and wedding arrangements.

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