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Murder victim's father 'happy' to hear stepfather confess

Terry Zwicker Terry Zwicker
Joshua Gouker Joshua Gouker
Joshua Young Joshua Young

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It wasn't just the calendar, but Terry Zwicker's tattoo marking the birthday and date of passing for his 14-year-old son that reminded Terry Zwicker of the trauma he lived through May 11, 2011.

"When you're standing on top, identifying your child, you die," said Terry Zwicker.

Trey Zwicker was found beaten to death behind Liberty High School. Right after that Terry Zwicker confirmed to police it was his son he said he told them it was Josh Gouker, Trey's stepfather who killed him and two years later Terry finally heard it from Gouker.

"I already knew it," Zwicker said. "It's been two years and I've know that he's guilty. Either I was going to get him openly admitting it like he did today or the jury was going to find it out anyway."

Zwicker said the story Gouker told the judge about killing Trey to teach him a lesson about stealing a cigarette lighter and a plate of food is just another twisted version of what he's heard since Gouker and Josh Young, Gouker's son, were charged with the death.

"It didn't add up," said Zwicker. "It didn't make sense, but then again none of the stories he told made sense."

Zwicker believed Gouker's confession was an attempt to manipulate the system in the hopes it would clear Young.

"I think he kind of just sunk his own son's ship," Zwicker said. "If he wanted to try to get him out, he just chose the wrong direction. Now we know we got the right party."

Zwicker hopes by May 11, 2014 Young will be behind bars too. His trial is set for July.

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