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Students design Vans for contest

Trisha Hamilton-Cooper Trisha Hamilton-Cooper
Tyler Murphy Tyler Murphy
Malcolm Jones Malcolm Jones

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A group of students in Jefferson County have been working on designs to win a national competition that combines art with footwear.

Eastern High School teacher Trisha Hamilton-Cooper's teaches different types of art in her class, "I have all different classes in here, we do drawing, sculpture, painting photography." But for the last 5 months, her art class has been focusing on business, the business of shoes - specifically, Vans shoes.

"I actually started wearing vans when I was in high school. I was a skater," explained Hamilton-Cooper.

They've designed four different pair of them.

"When we go into the shoes we have to think about more than just if they look cool or not. We have to think about how does it all connect and weave together because all of our shoes have the theme of "nostalgia," explained student Duncan Underhill.

The high school has been entering the contest for four years and is the only school to get accepted all four. Art students learning business need a lesson in marketing, "We're cutting up Vans flyers to post around town just so everyone knows to vote."

The students designs are being entered in a nationwide shoe design contest with $50,000 at stake - an amount of money Hamilton-Cooper said would be "honestly, life changing for our class."

Senior Malcolm Jones said if they won the money could benefit students in the future, "I would really want the kids after me in the art program to really experience what it's like to have certain things." Fellow senior Tyler Murphy agreed, "Even though I'll be graduating next year, I know all the things that are required for art and I know that we don't have all these things."

Just like any business, competition is tough.

"I'll be honest there's really some good shoes out there so, obviously it comes down to what Vans wants in the end," Hamilton-Cooper explained, "I think the kids have done an excellent job so, I couldn't be prouder of them so, win or lose, I feel like they're winners."

If you would like to vote to help the seniors win, click here.

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