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Bus carrying Union Co. softball team overturns on US 60

Several Union County softball players are in the hospital Friday night following a school bus accident.

The accident was on Highway U.S. 60 in Livingston County, Kentucky, east of Smithland. 28 people on the bus were taken to the hospital, 24 were students.

Students and family members immediately turned to social media and many of the players say they lost their cell phones in the accident and were using Facebook to update the community.

Students were gathering in Morganfield to show their support and pray for their classmates.

"Everybody's just freaked out trying to figure out if everybody's alright," says Jacob Tapps.

Concern spread quickly throughout Union County as students and families learned of the accident. Initially, residents say it was a waiting game to hear how bad the accident was.

"At one point, it took 20-minutes to know for sure that everybody's okay," says Tapps.

Tapp's girlfriend was on the bus that crashed just before 5:00 P.M. on Friday. She's been updating him on her injuries and how teammates are doing.

"Some girls were injured and that one has cuts and stuff that are really deep," says Tapp.

Kentucky State Police say the bus was headed to a game in Livingston County when it ran off the right shoulder, over-corrected, rotated 180-degrees and rolled on it's passenger side on the east side of U.S. 60. Locally, the road is referred to as "Rock Curve" because it curves sharp to the left.

Students in Morganfield were glued to social media to get updates on the players' conditions, and parents were quickly notified about the children's injuries.

School officials say ambulances initially had a difficult time getting to the scene.

"Traffic was so congested in that area, it was difficult to get ambulances in, and a helicopter was able to more easily access the area of transport a girl because she needed to get to the hospital for help, but again it was not life threatening," says Malinda BeauChamp.

Tapp says his girlfriend is recovering and remains at the hospital to support other teammates.

"She says she has really bad headaches and stuff and she said she might have broken her thumb," says Tapp.

School officials also say families drove to area hospitals to pick up their children.

U.S. 60 remains closed as investigators work to reconstruct the accident.

The team has two games next week on Monday and Thursday. Officials haven't determined if those games will be played as scheduled.

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