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Suspect's grandma: Bomb scare tweet was empty threat

Laquint Cherry (Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office) Laquint Cherry (Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

His grandmother says he's been making explosive threats since he was a child.  The man arrested for allegedly tweeting his plans to blow up the Jodi Arias courtroom is now in the psych ward.

Courtney Napieralski says her grandson Laquint Cherry really needs to be on medication and that his threat was an empty one.

She hopes his arrest comes as a wake-up call for him so he can try to get his life in order.

CBS 5 News was the first to let sheriff's deputies know about this bomb threat tweet.

"Planted some IEDs in the #jodiarias Superior Court room in Phoenix Arizona tomorrow I'll become a HERO and also shot by pigs once I unload."

CBS 5 was also the first crew on the scene when SWAT surrounded the Value Place Hotel and got the only video of Laquint Cherry's arrest.

"It's just something that he says, and he's been saying that since he was a child," said Napieralski.

Court documents say Cherry denied posting that tweet, but his grandmother says he made those kinds of threats at school before.

"I tried to help him understand that it wasn't appropriate and that it's a very dangerous thing to do or say and that it would land him in jail," she said.

The suspect's grandmother says the 18-year-old was abused as a child, and in and out of Child Protective Services custody. She's tried helping him before.

"You have to look at what environmental stressors they're in, what disruptive behaviors are at home, there could be genetic factors," said Scottsdale psychologist Dr. Sanford Silverman.

He says if a child's negative behavior isn't addressed, there's no telling what they could be capable of doing down the line.

"Bring the child to a professional to really investigate and see what diagnosis might be present, if medication and other forms of treatment are necessary," he said.

Napieralski says she hasn't heard from her grandson since he'd been arrested but hopes that he can come back from this.

"I believe he's been emotionally paralyzed, he agreed," she said.

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